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From £200.00*

Indication:      Pregnant Women, Non Pregnant Women, Women trying to conceive



Results available: Letter to patient in 2 working days

What does this scan do?

This is a consultation with one of our Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologists/Fetal Medicine Specialists, there is no scan included.

What are the risks?


Any special requirements?

Please bring any relevant notes or reports from previous appointments with you.

What else should I know?

This is an opportunity for a one on one consultation with a specialist doctor. It does not include scanning costs which are in addition to the consultation fee.

Our consultants are not fertility experts, nor are they practising gynaecologists. Should you need additional treatment we are able to recommend a private specialist.

Deposit:    £50

Please read our deposit terms and conditions here

Appointment Duration:    30 minutes

*Price quoted is for a consultation during normal clinic hours 0900 – 1800. Service cost is higher when performed out of normal clinic hours. For more detailed fee information please see our interactive pricelist page.