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Nuchal Scan

From £215.00*

Indication:       Pregnant Women

Gestation:       11 weeks, 1 day to 13 weeks, 6 days (12 weeks ideal)

Preparation:    Advance blood sample preferable. Please arrive with full bladder.

Results available:
Immediately after scan providing advance blood sample has been given, otherwise 3 -4 working days.

What does this scan do?

We will screen for Down, Edwards & Patau Syndromes as well as complete the first check on your baby’s anatomy.

What are the risks?

No risk to mother or baby.

Any special requirements?

If you have not had an Early Pregnancy Scan you must be able to provide the first date of your last menstrual cycle (LMP).

If your pregnancy is outside the dates above we will not be able to complete your screening.

To enable us to provide the best possible service we ask that you give a blood sample in advance of your scan booking. We provide 3 easy ways to do this. Please view instructions here.

Please let us know if you are an IVF patient and have had multiple egg implants.

What else should I know?

The screening is 95% accurate when performed by one of our FMF (Fetal Medicine Foundation) Nasal Bone accredited Sonographers.

This is a screening. The results will not tell you if you baby has Down Syndrome, only what your chances of having a Down’s baby are.

If you provide a blood sample the cost of the laboratory charge is non-refundable should you subsequently cancel your appointment.

Laboratory Charge = £50

Please read our deposit terms and conditions here.

If you do not want the Combined Blood Test and screenings you should simply book for an Early Pregnancy Scan.

Appointment Duration: 30 minutes. (Single pregnancy) Please allow extra time should your baby not be in an ideal position to obtain measurements necessary to complete the screening.

*Price quoted is for a single pregnancy, scan performed by an FMF (Fetal Medicine Foundation) qualified Sonographer, during normal clinic hours 0900 – 1800. Service cost is higher for multiple pregnancies, to be scanned by a Fetal Medicine Specialist, or when performed out of normal clinic hours. Price quoted includes laboratory charge of £55. For more detailed fee information please see our interactive pricelist page.