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Platinum Package

From £265.00*

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Package:         30 minute HD Live 4D baby scan appointment
                         Cocoon4D edited DVD video
                         iPad/iPhone/iPod HD video file
                         Three glossy 6 x 4" (15 x 10cm) high quality colour prints
                         Brushed steel picture frame
                         10 JPEG files (minimum) supplied on disc
                         Growth scan and report
                         Gender identification (if you want to know)
                         Cocoon4D gift bag

Indication:      Pregnant women

Gestation:       22 – 32 weeks (single baby)
                         18 – 30 weeks (twins)

Preparation:    None. Please bring some sugary snacks to help stimulate your baby to move into the optimum position

Results available:
Results of Growth Scan available immediately after the scan
                                Preparation of the Platinum package takes approximately 45 minutes

What does this scan do?

Provides a professionally edited 4D video and HD video file of your baby and supplied on a fully authored DVD, plus prints and electronic image files for sharing with family and friends.

What are the risks?   

No risk to mother or baby.

Any special requirements?

Ideally your pregnancy should be within the above dates. We are willing to try scanning at later gestation but we may not be able to obtain clear 4D images.

Please tell us if you are carrying twins.

What else should I know?

The quality of the images is highly dependent on the position of your baby and the amount of fluid in front of your baby.

Please allow ample time should your baby not be in the best circumstances. You may be invited back for a complimentary second chance on a later date if we are unsuccessful on the first attempt.

Deposit:    £50

Please read our deposit terms and conditions here.

Appointment Duration:
    30 minutes (Sonographer, single pregnancy)

*Price quoted is for a single pregnancy, scan performed by a qualified Sonographer. Service cost is higher for multiple pregnancies. For more detailed fee information please see our interactive pricelist page.