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From £650.00*

Indication:        Pregnant Women

Gestation:        12 to 14 weeks

Preparation:    You must supply written confirmation of your blood group prior to this appointment.

Results available: BOBs results available in 3-6 working days. Full chromosomal analysis (culture), if required, may take up to 2 weeks.

What does this scan do?

The test is primarily used to exclude Down Syndrome and can also be used to test for other common genetic problems.

What are the risks?

Risk of miscarriage following the procedure of 1%.

Any special requirements?

You must sign a consent form before we perform the procedure. Written confirmation of blood group is required in advance.

What else should I know?

We are able to provide 100% accurate gender identification as part of this test. Please ask the consultant during the appointment.

If your blood group is Rhesus negative you will need to have an Anti-D injection at additional cost.

Please be prepared to be flexible with your choice of appointment as the Consultants are only perform this procedure on certain days.

Deposit:    £100

Please read our deposit terms and conditions here

Appointment Duration:    40 minutes (Single pregnancy)

*Price quoted is for a single pregnancy test during normal clinic hours 0900 – 1800. Service cost is higher for multiple pregnancies, or when performed out of normal clinic hours. Fee is for rapid BOBs test which may not be suitable for all cases. PCR and culture laboratory fees are higher. For more detailed fee information please see our interactive pricelist page.