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Gynaecological Pelvic Scan

From £180.00*

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Indication:       Non-pregnant Women

Gestation:        N/A

Preparation:    Please arrive with a full bladder

Results available: Immediately after the scan.

What does this scan do?

A thorough examination of the reproductive organs with focus on areas as requested.

What are the risks?

No risk to the patient.

Any special requirements?

Please arrive with a full bladder so that we can initially scan via your tummy.

What else should I know?

Scan is normally performed internally so please choose appropriate clothing.

Please inform us if you are bleeding or in pain.

If you are scanned by a consultant gynaecologist the specialist will be able to provide a diagnosis however any further treatment will need to be prescribed by your GP or gynaecologist.

If you do not have a gynaecologist we are able to recommend a private specialist.

Deposit:    £50

Please read our deposit terms and conditions here

Appointment Duration:
    20 minutes (Sonographer)

*Price quoted is for a scan performed by a qualified Sonographer, during normal clinic hours 0900 – 1800. Service cost is higher to be scanned by a Consultant Gynaecologist or when performed out of normal clinic hours. For more detailed fee information please see our interactive pricelist page.